A Glimpse into Unionville’s Town Center Square History

Unionville, Missouri, boasts a rich history, and one of its most intriguing aspects is the architectural evolution of its South Side, particularly around the Putnam County square. We’ll take you on a journey through time as we explore some of the buildings and their historical significance.

A Glimpse into Unionville’s Town Center Square History

1611 Grant Street: A Hub of Government

Our journey begins at 1611 Grant Street, a building with a political and governmental past. Today, it serves as Unionville City Hall, but its story dates back to the late 19th century. Originally, this structure was part of a triple storefront building built after 1893. Over the years, it transitioned from being a millinery to a grocery store and even a candy store. In 1929, it became the Unionville City Hall, a role it continues to play to this day.

1613 Grant Street: From Carpentry to Public Health

Next door at 1613 Grant Street, we find a building with a diverse history. It housed a carpenter shop in its early days, survived the fire of 1886, and went through various transitions. It served as a music store, a meat market, and even a tin shop. Today, it houses the Putnam County Public Health Department.

A Glimpse into Unionville’s Town Center Square History

1615 Grant Street: Where Craftsmanship Meets Healing

Moving along, we arrive at 1615 Grant Street, where you’ll discover a building that initially stood vacant after a fire in 1886. By 1909, it had transformed into a harness shop. In 1919, it housed a plumbing shop, and later, a shoe repair shop. Now, it’s home to Dr. A. H. Hammett, a chiropractor.

1617 Grant Street: From Bowling Alley to Legacy

Our journey takes us to 1617 Grant Street, where a frame bowling alley and saloon once stood before being replaced by a two-story frame building around 1893-98. It later became a millinery and then Applegate’s Millinery. Today, it houses the Putnam County Foundation.

1619 Grant Street: The Journey of Dr. Jefferson G. Hart Building

At 1619 Grant Street, we encounter a building with a long history. Dr. Jefferson G. Hart purchased the east 22 feet of the corner parcel in 1873. Construction began in 1875 for what would become a brick drug store. Over the years, it served as a drug store, a pool hall, and even a music store. Today, it houses American Family Insurance.

1621 Grant Street: The Legacy of Elson & Martin

Moving on, we reach 1621 Grant Street, a building dating back to 1872. This site was part of the earliest substantial development on the square. It was associated with politics and government due to its service as Unionville’s post office. Today, it houses The Cutting Edge.

1623 Grant Street: Another Gem from Elson & Martin

Our journey concludes at 1623 Grant Street, another historic building from 1872. This site was part of the Elson & Martin Mercantile Company’s legacy. Over the years, it housed general merchandise, a general store, and a dry goods firm. Today, it’s known as the City Warehouse Market High-Grade Food Store.

Unionville’s South Side is not just a collection of buildings; it’s a testament to the town’s evolution, showcasing its vibrant past and its continued role in serving the community. Each building tells a story, and as we explore their history, we gain a deeper appreciation for Unionville’s rich heritage.

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